This craft is super easy and super cheap!

Cotton Rounds
Your kiddo

I found this cute wooden egg shaped sign in the Target bargain bins for $3 so that's what we used as a "canvas". I already had paint at home so I just had to buy $.99 fluff balls for the bunny tail (if you have cotton rounds this works too).

I used his footprint to start for the back of the bunny and his handprints for the carrot tops! I love capturing his handprints and footprints in the crafts that we do. He has giant hands so it looks a bit disproportionate, but that's the fun of kids crafts right?

All you need to do is paint one hand and one foot and push it onto the board.
I drew on the bunny ears, the grass, and the bottoms of the carrots since he isn't old enough to be able to do this by himself yet.
After the paint dried I glued the bunny tail on, and that's it!

Super easy, fast craft to make for a cute spring and Easter decoration for around the house. 

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