We Missed National Ice Cream Day-But Here's a Craft!

Yup, we did it. We somehow managed to miss national ice cream day on Sunday. Something Jax and I both thoroughly enjoy. But in reality, who needs a national day for something when its normal for us to eat it every day. 😜Jk jk we only eat it every other day!

Soooo in honor of a great national day we thought we'd share another fun craft of something we love to eat. My last craft post was of watermelon so come on, at least we eat somewhat healthy... sometimes? Ice cream and watermelon is definitely enough sustenance to live off of right? Don't judge.

Anywho, this is a super simple, super easy craft once again---Obvs (short for obviously) my favorite kind. Who needs crafts that take FOREVER when you have a toddler? I know I don't! But, we actually somehow survived making three of these things for myself, his Aunt and Busia all in one sitting. They each chose different colors for their ice cream scoops which made them even more unique and adorable crafts for each of us to keep!

Once again, I'm all about that super cute but super easy sh*t, so take a glance at the short list of supplies below. You probably have them all at your house right now! As you can see, from Jax's ridiculous cheesy grin, he's super proud of his artwork. 


Canvas or paper
Toddlers foot
Paint brush


1. Paint kids foot, press on paper or canvas with enough room on top for the scoops (more space for those of us who like more ice cream than others).  
2. Paint ice cream scoops.
3. Choose toppings or a cute saying to draw on if you wish!
4. Place on mantle for everyone to enjoy. 

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