World Honey Bee Day: 5 Things to Help the Bees

August 17, 2019

Bee Kind to Bees

I know what you are thinking-Why do bees even matter? Why would I write a post about bees..what a waste. But in reality bees are what keep our economy thriving and our ecosystems healthy. Bees play a key role in the food we buy at the store every day, because these little guys are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the world's food crops, and on top of that, 90% of the world's wild plants. Those are big numbers. As the bee populations have been declining, food security, the economy and healthy ecosystems are all being threatened.

So, what can we do to help? I like to think we can all help in one way or another with small activities that are fun to do!

1. Purchase cute clothes from Wholesome Culture

As you can see in all the pictures in this post, I am wearing one of my favorite shirts from them! I chose to be a brand ambassador for them because they give 10% of their profits to animal rescue and environmental organizations 💁. They are a plant based, cruelty free, and environmentally conscious company, who strive to make as little impact on the earth as possible. They're also have a sale going on right now for World Honey Bee Day! Check out all their bee tees! 🐝

2. Buy LOCAL honey (and make a delicious honey based dessert with your kiddos)

Buying local honey 🍯actually helps reduce seasonal allergies! Weird right? It's because local honey producers filter their honey differently than store sold honey. This different treatment results in the local honey actually containing pollens from your local area and ingesting this small amount of pollen has been proven to help reduce seasonal allergies! It has also been proven to improve a person's immune system! Most store sold honey isn't actually considered "honey" because of the lack of pollen in it. You learn something new everyday, am I right? So go buy local!

3. Plant some flowers in your garden with your kids that bees like to pollinate

They love lavender, borage and marjoram just as a start! My son loves watching the bees and butterflies that fly around our lavender so I'm sure your kids will as well. Bees pollinate around 20 million flowers 🌸🌹🌼every day-that's a lot of pollinating! 

4. Visit an outdoor farm/orchard

The place in all of these sunflower 🌻pictures is called Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. Arbor Day Farm is an active supporter of bees and in helping the bee population-give them a visit if you are ever in Nebraska City. Local farmers plant vast amounts of crops, flowers, and trees that need pollinating, so by supporting your local farms, you are helping support (either indirectly or directly) the bee population! Most farms also sell their own local honey that you can buy to help support your local beekeepers and bees. On top of that, it's always such a fun outdoor activity for your kids to participate in. Jax has a great time whenever we go to one of our local farms. Yesterday when we went it was such a bonus to see all of the gorgeous sunflowers that only bloom for around two weeks out of the year. You should have seen how many bees were actively pollinating! If you look close in the pictures below you can see them.


The best way to help something improve is being aware of the situation. It is important that each person tries to make a better and healthier world for our kids to live in. 

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