EGGcited for Easter- Peep into Jax's basket to find 5 options besides candy

April 7, 2019

We finally hit the 70s this weekend and it was glorious. There is nothing quite like Springtime after an EXTRA long winter season. This weekend the birds were back to chirping outside, I pulled a weed already and Jax even got a little shirt tan when we went to the zoo! Which means, Easter is coming and it will be here before you know it (about two weeks to be exact).

When I was little we used to get the best Easter baskets. Holidays were (and still are) my absolute favorite time of year, and Easter was one of those holidays. My Mom would make sure our baskets looked perfect-They were always vibrant, wrapped in that brightly colored cellophane, filled with so many candies and special treats. I especially remember one year when I finally got that sparkly, colorful nail polish that I loved. She made sure to fill our Easter baskets with candy and items that we loved. We always got one of those solid chocolate crosses as well because "Jesus is the reason for the season", as my parents always used to say (He is the reason for Easter after all, so don't forget). My two sisters, my brother and I would dress up in our fancy Easter outfits, go to church, come home and open our baskets- but sometimes we attempted to break into our candy before Church 😂

Holidays were always a big deal, and I have come to love Holidays even more with my own family now. Watching Jax's face light up is always the best feeling and brings back a feeling of childhood joy.

I try to vary up what I put in his basket. I always put something educational (like a book), a learning toy (last year was a mini classic bead maze that you always find in doctor's offices), an outfit or two, a fun accessory (last year was bunny ears) and of course candy. I know, he'll have a sugar high all day long, but I don't mind when it's only a few times a year. He LOVES jellybeans so I can't keep them from him (well I could but ya know). 
So...Easter baskets. What to put in them? I'll share with you what I plan to put in Jax's Easter basket this year as well as a cute Easter/Spring craft we did a few weeks ago.

This year in his basket he'll get: 

5 options besides candy

2 shirts - Target $6.00 each
He will get a Marvel shirt because he is obsessed with the Hulk right now and loves watching The Avengers cartoons on Netflix with Dad when Dad is home from work & a Star Wars shirt because Mom is a Star Wars nerd. Spring is here and with this warm weather he will need an abundance of T-shirts.

A book - Target $9.59
Happy Easter Curious George-I gave this to him a bit early so that we could read it throughout the Easter season. Buttt it will still be going in his Easter basket since he won't realize it yet!
Accessory - Target $5.99
He'll be getting a pair of sunglasses this year because he loves putting on our sunglasses. I got these cute one from Target that resemble Dad's pair! He'll be looking stylish when he wears these to the zoo.


His Busia and Dziadz sent us an assortment of jungle animal figures to put in his basket. He loves lining them up and playing pretend with them. You can see his imagination working when he plays. He will LOVE these!

Kids Flossers - Target $2.99
We just went to the dentist and she recommended starting to try and use them. That should be interesting!

Candy - Target $2.69
And of course I will fill a few of the usual eggs full of jelly beans and peanut butter M&Ms, his favorite! I'm a Mama who can't resist giving him a little bit of candy. 


Now onto crafting!

Cotton Rounds

This craft is super easy and super cheap! I found this cute egg shaped sign in the Target bargain bins for $3 so that's what we used as a "canvas". I already had paint at home so I just had to buy $.99 fluff balls for the bunny tail (if you have cotton rounds this works too).
I used his footprint for the back of the bunny and his handprints for the carrot tops! I love capturing his handprints and footprints in the crafts that we do. He has giant hands so it looks a bit disproportionate, but that's the fun of kids crafts right?
All you need to do is paint one hand and one foot and push it onto the board. I drew on the bunny ears, the grass, and the bottoms of the carrots since he isn't old enough to be able to do this by himself yet. After the paint dried I glued the bunny tail on, and that's it! Super easy, fast craft to make for a cute spring and Easter decoration for around the house. 

Fun fact: Easter egg hunts prove your child really can find things when they want to

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