World Rhino Day

September 22, 2019

World Rhino Day is today! And I love Rhinos! And I might superimpose my love of Rhinos on Jax as well 😂

Rhinoceros' have been around for 50 million years, but they are now a critically endangered species. Today, very few Rhinos survive outside of reserves, sanctuaries, or parks due to poaching and loss of habitat. A century ago there were 1 million Rhinos in the world, now there are only 30,000. But you can help in conservation efforts! You can make a difference.

1. Support/donate to Rhino cause-related organizations like World Wildlife Fund, Save the Rhino and International Rhino Foundation. These organizations are actively working at keeping Rhinos from going extinct. If you are looking for a cause to donate to, these are three good ones!

2. Supporting zoos that are partnered with Rhino Conservation Organizations. There are numerous zoos in the U.S. (and worldwide) that are partnered with programs and organizations that are dedicated to conservation and research efforts. One of them is the International Rhino Foundation, and one of the zoos partnered with them is the Philadelphia zoo! We had the opportunity to meet their Rhino named Tony in a behind-the-scenes tour, and he was the cutest! He loved to be brushed and it was amazing to see one up close.

3. Supporting zoos that work towards conservation efforts by researching breeding efforts. San Diego Zoo Global successfully artificially inseminated and birthed a White Rhino, an important step in ending White Rhino extinction. Being from San Diego I love this! I was even able to take Jax to the same Rhino Statue at the San Diego Zoo World Wildlife Park (formerly known as the Wild Animal Park) that I sat on about 28 years ago!

4. Adopt a Rhino! This could be such a fun way to "donate" and to support the Rhinos, and truly make you feel like you are a part of the cause!

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