Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

April 15, 2019

If you haven't watched or heard the news yet, Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire days before Easter Sunday.
The fire started around 6:50pm local time and is believed to have been caused by renovation work being done on the Cathedral.

As this week marks the start of Holy Week for the Catholic Church, the Cathedral would have been preparing to display its holy relics for Good Friday. Instead, they have been trying to clear out as much historic artwork and relics as possible as the fire continues to spread.

Hopefully this fire isn't the work of arsonists or any other type of attack. The Cathedral is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Paris and dates back almost 1,000 years, with construction beginning in 1160s. For such a historic, worldly structure to be burning down is a sad day for any one, even if you don't live in Paris or haven't had the opportunity to see it. For Catholics it is a symbol of their faith and masses have flocked to see it, it is a historic landmark for both Catholics and non-catholic alike. It is a home for many faithful persons as prayers were whispered, wishes were made and candles were lit for special intentions.

It saddens me to see such an amazingly beautiful work of art and architecture collapsing from the fire. The spire and roof just collapsed not long ago and you can find the details on pretty much any news source right now. 

I was lucky enough to have just seen the Cathedral in December for my five year anniversary with my husband. It is the most beautiful Cathedral I have ever seen. I am so grateful to have been able to visit before this fire that is currently underway. When we visited it was right after Christmas so they still had their huge manger scene out and Christmas trees everywhere. I bought a beautiful rosary that hangs in our bedroom and a rose window ornament to add to our ornament collection from places that we have traveled. We lit candles for our family as well as our future children and for a successful next pregnancy after our loss. We just happened to walk in on time to be able to attend mass and receive the Eucharist as well which was an extra special blessing. It truly holds a special place in our hearts. It was gorgeous.

There are so many intricate details in every part of the Cathedral as well as the stained glass. The rose windows are huge and truly breathtaking. I hope that they are able to save as much of the historic structure as possible.
We are reminded, today especially, that nothing we have here on earth is permanent, and can be taken away at a moments notice. Your family and your faith is your home, not the structures that represent  them both. 

Please pray for all the first 
responders working to fight the fire. 

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