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April 1, 2019

Here goes nothing!

As a fairly recent newcomer to motherhood, I have realized that it is hard almost impossible to find REAL moms out there who are down to earth, honest, relatable, and who drop a few F* bombs here and there (oops 😬) . 

Being a HUGE extrovert myself and having a love of socializing, sometimes it's hard being stuck at home with only a tiny human being who can't talk yet. Two years into motherhood, with being a mom as my only career, I wanted to have a place of comfort that other moms can come to. I don't want other moms feeling like I have at times--of sometimes having that feeling of needing to do more and feeling inadequate, because at times everyone feels like this. This is just me being raw and sharing parts of my life that only my husband knows about. I will talk about mom stuff, let you know what life is ACTUALLY like being a military wife (and advice on how to survive), post some yummy recipes, help you with how to survive travel with a baby, give you some fun crafts to do with your little ones, and tell you about the products I recommend to help out motherhood. If that interests you at all, take a look around and see if there is anything you like!

Fair warning: I have a foul mouth, I love living in places that have REAL seasons, I can never have too many iced caramel macchiatos, I can eat avocado on almost everything, I absolutely love my family more than anything in this world, and I am obsessed with the color yellow

No mom is perfect and neither am I.

 He's really 2, not 5...But ya know he looked super cute in this pic so I didn't care that the balloon was backwards. Cuz ya know, Mom Life 💁

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