5 Simple Things to do for a Deployed Service Member

Today is National Day of the Deployed

National Day of the Deployed means something a little extra special to our family, especially this year since Nick is deployed again. I can't wait for this day at the end of his deployment when we get to welcome him home!

Contact the Deployed Service Member
1. Check on the deployed. Sometimes deployments can be lonely. A lot of them work all day/night then go back to an empty room. Most deployed can be contacted in some way even if they don't have cell service. A friendly facebook message, Whats App message, DM, etc can go a long way. Just message them and ask them how it is going. Some deployed do not have families that are able to regularly check on them which means they can sometimes feel quite alone and this little gesture of them knowing that your are thinking of them back home can make them feel loved.

Send the Deployed Service Member a Care Package
2. Send them a care package. Most deployed units have addresses you can send a care package to! Jax and I always try to send Nick 1-4 packages over the course of his deployments (about one every 3 weeks). I fill it with snacks from back home and drawings from Jax to make him feel like he's at home. If there is a holiday during his deployment I will send him holiday packages as well. Even if you do not know a deployed person directly, you can visit Support Our Troops to find out how and where to send care packages worldwide. 
Check on the Deployed Service Member's Family
3. Check on the deployed ones family! A small gesture can go a long way. I know this from personal experience. If you know a military family ask them what kind of support they need. Most spouses will say none, but don't stop there. From experience I know that an unexpected package, a meal left on their doorstep, or a day (or 2 hours) of watching their kids goes a long way in helping them out. Something as simple as offering to go get coffee with them can be greatly appreciated. They are stressed that their spouse is gone and people with families are most likely overwhelmed with now being a "single parent". You are indirectly helping out the deployed when you check on their home unit. 
4. Donating to a military organization, such as the United Service Organization, helps support troops both in the U.S. and overseas. They also provide to the military members families as well. You can look up a local USO to find out a way that you can help. They provide free services to military members that can go a long way. On one of Nick's deployments they set up a book recording service where Nick was able to pick out a children's book, record himself reading it and then send both the recording and the book back home for Jackson. It was the cutest thing I have seen the USO do and I was so appreciative of it. 
5. Pray for them. This is the simplest task of all and can go without explanation. They are away from home, in harms way and sacrificing their time and life so that we can live freely at home. 

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