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Essentials for after birth

First things first, taking care of Mama after birth leads to being able to take care of baby. Some ways to help you do that are some handy dandy tricks that you don't find on all the mom blogs only because we don't like to admit when we're in pain! You will be in pain after birth in one way or another, I'm sorry if this is the first place you are hearing about it. 🙅

Child birth usually is not easy. But I luckily had some mom friends that were willing to discuss the down and dirty in order to help me to be prepared. After you've done all of your nesting and you're waiting, during those last few weeks. for baby to arrive make sure you stop by the store and pick up these items for yourself---YOU WILL BE SO GRATEFUL.

1. Witch hazel wipes: These little babies will help sooth down there if you have a vaginal delivery and will make going to the bathroom a little easier for you instead of using scratchy toilet paper.

2. Nipple cream: If you plan on breastfeeding, I would use this as soon as you finish every feeding, even in the hospital. Those first few days to a week will be extremely unpleasant for your nipples. Chafing happens, bleeding may happen and it hurts. In order to be able to keep on breastfeeding and be comfortable, definitely use this stuff. Bamboobies was my favorite brand but I have put some other brands below as well that I have heard great things about!

3. Disposable nursing pads: I liked the disposable ones the most because they were convenient. But, if you don't mind doing some laundry, the Bamboobies reusable ones are awesome. As soon as your milk comes in (usually within the first 24-72 hours after birth and starting breastfeeding), these will be extremely handy to not have leak spots on your t-shirt and look like the tank tops in mean girls 😂

4. The REAL type of pad: Yes, the ones that feel like diapers when wearing.  The extra long, max leak protection type of feminine pads. In the hospital the nurses show you how to stack and stagger a few of these in order to catch the bleeding that you'll be doing. Those nurses are lifesavers.

5. Dermoplast spray: This stuff works miracles after using the bathroom and really just whenever you start to itch or feel pain down below. It has a nice cooling effect in order to relieve some pain.

 6. Mesh Underwear: These are the best! Steal some from the hospital if you can. 😂These are wayyy better than normal underwear and very comfy. They will fit a pad easily and work well to be gentle on your recovering body.

6. Mother's breast milk tea: If you are having trouble producing milk this stuff will work. Its a gentle tea that helps in milk production. Anything helps right?

7. Nursing bra: These are awesome and very easy to work with. Even if you just get one super comfortable one to use in the hospital that will be helpful. I got a few different style of night time nursing bras only because they had no underwire (that can sometimes clog your ducts) and they were very comfy.

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