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Not all of the items below are necessarily "essentials" except for the first five, which you will need for the hospital as well. Other than the first five I will let you know what items I found the most helpful. 

There is sooooo much stuff out there, you are bound to be overwhelmed. I am going to tell you what my favorite things were that my son used the most from 0-6 months of age. 

1. Diapers: This one you're going to have to test out when they are born. So do not stock up on too many diapers until you know what works for your little one. The hospital will provide you with diapers as well and they will most likely be Pampers. My sister swore by pampers and those only worked for her babies. But every time we used Pampers with Jax he would leak. So we changed to Huggies and we've used them ever since.

2. Wipes: I went with Huggies natural care, unscented, for sensitive skin. You can really get any kind you want! There are a lot of options out there. 

3. Infant or convertible carseat: You will need a good car seat that you can rely on. You will probably want to research the safety ratings on each before you purchase. We got our installation checked at our local fire station just in case. We got a convertible car seat first and then bought an infant one after he was born for more of a convenience. They are lighter and easy to take in and out of the car when you are going places.

4. A safe sleeping spot: Either a crib or a bassinet will do. The bassinet you can put next to you in your room if you plan to co-sleep and the crib can be in the nursery if not! We got a travel bassinet to put next to our bed and a convertible crib as well. The convertible cribs are nice because you can convert it into a toddler bed when they are ready. 

5. Clothing: You only need a going home outfit in the hospital. You will most likely get a lot of baby clothes at your baby shower. People love to buy baby clothes because the clothes are so cute and small. Make sure to put a variety of sizes on your baby registry instead of all just newborn. I only got one newborn in case our little guys came out big (like his Dad did).

Blanket or swaddle: This helps them feel secure when they are born, like they are still snuggled up in your womb. You may like swaddles, blankets, or sleep sacks-you may have to try one of each. I used lightweight large muslin swaddle blankets because our little guy seemed to get hot and always kick out of heavier blankets. We also tried the sleep sacks but he didn't like those as much. So it really just depends on what your baby prefers. 

Breast pump: Most insurances will fully cover breast pumps, so make sure you check into this through your OB. I got the Medela travel breast pump because my friends highly recommended it and I liked how it was compact in size. It worked great!

Bottles and pacifiers: If you plan on using these right away I would stock up on a couple to begin with. My favorite bottles were Philps Avent because they were anti-colic and Dr.Brown's because they have a vent system that helped prevent colic, spit up, and burping. Pacifiers also get a bad rep. But our little guy never had any trouble with nipple confusion and the pacifier seemed to soothe him after he had been fed for the night. He liked Philips Avent, probably because it resembled a more regular nipple shape, and was by the same brand as his bottles. 

Jogger stroller or regular stroller: I preferred the jogger stroller because I wanted it to last a long time and wanted to be able to use it to actually jog with my son. The Bob is nice because you can by infant snap in pieces that work with any carseat.


Teethers and pain medicine: Breaking teeth is never any fun and you will most likely want pain medication as well. This will give the babies some relief as well as drop their fever from teething.  We found one that my son absolutely loved (and it was cute and funny to see him chew on).

Thermometer: Speaking of fevers, a thermometer is a necessity. If you don't get one you'll be panicking and thinking you need to bring your baby to the ER at all times. Our pediatrician recommended a regular thermometer as opposed to a forehead or ear thermometer because they are more accurate. 

Lotion: I say lotion because my son started getting some eczema when he was a little over a year old. We used all sorts of lotions and creams to try to solve the issue. Nothing helped stop the red spots except one item. And that was Tubby Todd All Over Ointment. This stuff works miracles. Now I just put it on him daily (a little goes a long way with this stuff) and it has cleared up those blotchy irritated-looking eczema spots. I highly recommend it!
Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

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