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No one ever said being a mom was easy

But I would love to give you a few tips on what to buy and how to help yourself and your little ones out a bit! 

Everywhere you look you will find different recommendations but here I am going to tell you what I used and loved. You may find different things that work for you and your family but I just wanted to help you get started toward the right path. 

There are soooo many options out there that you are bound to feel overwhelmed when you walk into any baby store. I know I did at first. There are the cute options, the practical options and the ones you'll never EVER use. I'll let you know what I found most practical for myself. 
Also, some great advice...put EVERYTHING you want on your registry. You will be surprised by who is willing to buy things for your new family, as well as all the amazing gift cards you will receive to do as you wish with (buy that registry stuff that isn't bought yet)!

Speaking of registries, I used Babylist because of having so many different items that I wanted from different stores. Babylist makes it easy because you can have all the stores on there-Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Etsy, etc.- it's a lifesaver. You can also put cash options, gift card options and donation options on there, which is pretty awesome. 

Don't stress, yes, the baby will come but they do not have to have that fur rug you wanted for the nursery right off the bat. 😂 Whether you have been a crazy nester (like I was--my husband was also deployed the last 2 months of my pregnancy) or don't feel prepared at all, babies truly do not need that much physical preparation unless that's what you want to do! 


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