About Meg

In short

If I were to write out my life in short story form here's how it would go...

First I would clear the air by admitting my obsession with avocados (I will eat them with everything), the color yellow (it's so cheery), peanut butter M&Ms (can't get enough), changing seasons (weird because I grew up in CA), iced nonfat caramel macchiatos (even in sub 0 temps it still has to be iced) and dogs (I have always loved them and always want more).

Now that we've got that cleared up...
I was born in San Diego County, California, in a little inland city named Escondido. It has some of THE best Hispanic food, is 20 minutes from the nearest beach 🌴, and is anything but what you would expect out of a California city.
My best friend's dad led me to apply to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado since I had a dream of one day flying in any sort of aircraft that they would let me. I was absolutely obsessed with helicopters and saw my future self hovering away all over the world 🚁.
I met my husband my Sophomore year, and lets just say it was NOT all sunshine and rainbows right off the bat 😂. Butttt one year later and we had become "best friends for life" and were pretty much inseparable. He took me to Ireland to propose our senior year and another year later we were married in December 🎄.

From there we continued on to the next chapter of our life at the Air Force's Student Undergraduate Pilot Training. About three quarter's of the way through I got diagnosed with humorously "undiagnosable" stomach pain and passing out and was medically discharged from the Air Force.

My husband graduated and became a pilot and I am now the military wife of an Air Force Pilot (click if you want to find out more)! While I was 100% sure that being a pilot was my career dream, my ultimate dream in life was to have a family. We started off with two fur babies, and yes, I was the crazy lady that included them in every Christmas card. We have a Rottweiler and an Akita named Nala and Saki and they were our OG babies. I am seriously obsessed with dogs and would own 20 if my husband would let me.

Our little guy named Jackson (Jax) came into our family in February of 2017. And let me just say I could not have asked for more. The day he came into this world my heart became so full and he completed our family. After awhile I applied to a few jobs here and there but nothing has inspired me enough to leave home and join the workforce. And this is how I became a Stay At Home Meg.

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