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It isn't for the faint of heart

As I explained in the About Meg section, I was in the Air Force myself previously, and I am now the wife of an Air Force Pilot. It is definitely a different type of lifestyle, and if you're not used to it it could take you by surprise.

Not going to lie this life has its complications and hardships. You should really try to understand what will be in your future before you jump into it. The schedules are always changing and there is an impending move always in your future. If you are a planner be prepared to never have a set plan. If you hate moving be prepared to move within the next 3 years or sooner. If you hate long distance relationships, well I'm sorry, but be prepared for that as well. Of course the number one hardship is  deployments---to date my husband has been on 3 deployments, all while I was pregnant and when Jax was already born. Thankfully Jax wasn't old enough to fully understand what was going on yet, but on this last one you could tell he would get upset when he saw Dad on Facetime. I am sooo grateful for the technology we have these day and ages otherwise deployments would be sooo much worse than they already are. 
I applaud every military spouse out there, because it is true, you go through a lot while your spouse is away. It seems like whenever the spouse is away or on TDYs (other type of trips they go on besides deployments) something bad happens. On one of his deployments a big tornado touched down about two neighborhoods over from us and I was out of the house when it happened. I had no idea what I was coming home to but thankfully our house was safe except for our fence being knocked down. 
 But really, while they're away even the little things create the biggest issues. For example, try mowing the lawn when you have little kids. This usually easy task becomes the hardest task to get accomplished. Or what about those winter deployments? Try snow blowing or shoveling with little kids! It is tough.

You never truly realize how much help your spouse is until they're gone for a long period of time. 

But honestly, them being away makes that first hug and kiss when they get back home almost the same as the very first time you hugged and kissed. All the stress of the past few months goes away when you get the text that they landed and life will soon be back to normal.
If you look through my military wife life posts you may find a little something that can help you feel sane through your journey as a military spouse.

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