Essentials for Toddlers

Hopefully you already have most of the essentials for babies if you have a toddler now! Below will be the items I love and use everyday for my little guy Jax.

Plates and utensils: They will need plates and utensils and these are the brands I like. The first is a recycled plate that has the nice dividers to divide up their foods. The second is an awesome non slip care bear plate. This thing was awesome until he was old enough to figure out how to make it stop skipping. Its great for high chairs or at tables because it's made out of a material that grips to a flat surface.

Cups: We first used a transition cup so that he could learn how to use a sippy cup after a bottle. Now that he knows how to drink out of all sorts of cups, we now use the munchkin brand cups and I love them. We've also used the straw cups from Munchkin for travel and in-between stages and they're great as well. The Munchkin Miracle 360 helps prevent tooth problems and teaches them how to eventually us a real cup. They are spill proof and work great. 

Shoes: I recommend a pair of boots, sandals, crocs, and athletic shoes. I honestly hated crocs until my toddler. They are so easy to put on and wash and he can put them on himself when we are headed to the store. I got him cute little Birkenstock fake sandals because he loves these when its warm out and they stay on the feet very nicely without overheating them.

Books: I've found that reading a book for him every night in bed really establishes a great routine, gives hime some quiet time and settles him down for bed.

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